Experiential healing journeys


Cosmic DNA Activation Retreat

A weekend of detox and renewal

Santa Barbara, CA

October 24-27 2019

-Kemetic Yoga, Silent Meditation, Detox Workshops, Organic Vegan Meals & More


Kemetic Rebirth and AfriCan-Shamanic Mysteries Retreat

Bahia, Brazil

November 15 - 24, 2019

-Bahia cultural experience, Kemetic yoga, Shamanic journeys, guided meditations, vision quests, healing the sacred relationship of masculine and feminine, negative emotional belief therapy, shamanic crafting weaving a new vision for your life


Heru Winter Solstice Retreat

Cairo-Luxor, Egypt

December 11-22 2019

Winter Solstice is a time of renewal and rebirth. On the 21st of December, Karnak Temple in Luxor aligns with the sun and illuminates the temple - one of the most important events of the Egyptian calendar. This journey is organized around the earth, moon and the cosmos for an opportunity to surrender, reconnect and release in the ancient African land of Kemet.


The Sacred Masculine Retreat

Bahia, Brazil Spring 2020 (More info coming soon!)