Sacred Soul Awakening Retreat



April 18-28 2019



About this experience

11 day, 3 city retreat in Egypt


Imagine rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit while connecting with the ancient land of Egypt. Tucked under an expanse of palm trees overlooking the Dahshur pyramids just outside of Cairo is Ardi Sanctuary - where we’ll be spending the first half of our retreat. Morning meditation, daily Kemetic yoga and ultimate relaxation while inhaling the African air and submersing in the ancient atmosphere of Kemet. Here we’ve curated special visits to the Great Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx, journeys to the temples of Egypt and more.

The second half of our retreat will take place at Kato Dool along the Nile in Nubia. Kemetic Science lectures with native Egyptologists and Nubian village chiefs, a visit to the sacred famine stone on an island in the middle of the Nile and Nubian cultural experiences have been crafted for the ultimate immersion.

An opportunity to surrender, reconnect and release in the ancient African land of Kemet awaits. Emotional detoxing workshops, journaling, shamanic journeys and meditations are peppered throughout the retreat for the ultimate mind, body and soul renewal. It is time to remember and reconnect with who you are.

Sacred awakening HOSTS

Sarah Wesley International Kemetic Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Tony Khepera Heru International Kemetic Yoga Teacher, ISTA Level 1, Shaman

Ragheb Abushahba Native Egyptologist & Life Coach


Day 1: Arrivals | April 18

Arrivals into Egypt’s Cairo International Airport (CAI). Airport transfer to Ardi Sanctuary in Dahshur. Arrival will begin with a welcome to the land of the Pyramids and settling in. We will have a meet & greet followed by an organic vegan lunch. In the evening we will begin our welcome session by opening up sacred space and setting intentions. Dinner will be served. After dinner we will discuss the components of emotional release and conclude with an evening meditation.

Day 2 | April 19

We’ll begin the day with morning yoga & meditation. After breakfast our morning workshop will be an Enneagram activity (Spiritual and Personality typing) - tools for personal and spiritual development. After a vegan, organic lunch, we will have free time to journal and enjoy the serenity of the resort. In the evening we will join for a delicious dinner prepared by local chefs and then depart for our full moon ceremony in the Sahara desert. Your hosts will offer a Vision Walk and Shamanic journey into the mysteries of Kemet under the full moon.

Day 3: Passover | April 20

The day begins with a morning yoga session dedicated to preparing our minds, bodies and spirits for the forthcoming tours of ancient Egypt. Aferwards, we will enjoy a quick breakfast and meet our Egyptologist, Ragheb Abushahba for an in-depth discovery about the truths of ancient Egypt. He will give a one hour lecture about the 6 Cosmologies and finish with a Ptah meditation. We will depart for Cairo and have a Q&A session during our journey to the pyramids. He will take us on a tour of the Great Pyramid Complex of Giza and the Sphinx concluding with a meditation session & Satsang. From there, we will depart for a wonderful buffet lunch overlooking the Sphinx and Pyramids. Next we will travel to the Saqqara Pyramid complex. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world famous step pyramid of Djoser also known as the Pyramid of Imhotep. We will conclude the day at the resort for an evening dinner. After dinner, we will go into our Chakra Toning session - a powerful technique using resonate harmonics to align and balance our Sefetch Ba Ra (energy centers).

Day 4: Silent Meditation, Reflection & Journaling | April 21

The morning will begin with a Kemetic yoga session and a deep, guided meditation. After a fresh organic breakfast we will join on the rooftop for a music-body meditation. Your hosts will hold transformation space as we go forward and inward into a day of silence and reflection. This is a time of introspection, self-awareness and being-ness. There is nothing you need to ''do’ during this time. However, some find it useful to journal or complete forgiveness letters during this time. After dinner we will break silence (those who wish to remain in silence can) and we commit to our first release ceremony at the Nile River.

Day 5: The Journey | April 22

Healing Journey Day: We will begin with an early morning yoga session and after breakfast will depart for our healing journey trip down along the Nile - stopping to visit the temple of Abydos. Also known as the Temple of Seti I, we will experience the energy of Ausar and see the first recorded ‘flower of life’ symbol. The symbol is believed to represent creation and the infinite experience of existence. We will enjoy a traditional Egyptian meal for lunch and conclude with an evening dinner upon arrival in Luxor.

Day 6: Luxor Exploration | April 23

We will start the day with morning yoga and meditation. After breakfast we will journey across the Nile and visit the sacred Karnak Temple on the east bank. Also known as Ptah Temple, we will enter the sacred and secluded chapel of Sekhmet: the fierce warrior and healer. This healing archetype was used to cure Amenhotep III of illness. After our Karnkak temple visit, we will depart for our hotel and guests will enjoy free time until lunch. After a short break, we will travel across the Nile to meet with a well-known Sufi healer. You will have the opportunity to purchase sacred oils and traditional medicines and guests are able to receive a reading from the Sufi healer separately. During sunset we will head to Luxor temple. Luxor temple is known as the Temple of Man and corresponds with the anatomy of the human body. Specific centers of the temple activate the energy within it’s respective location on the body. We will end the day with dinner at our hotel.

Day 7: Luxor Exploration & the Journey continues... | April 24

We will begin the day with our morning yoga and meditation session before breakfast. Afterwards we will journey to Hatshepsut temple. Hatshepsut was the great Egyptian Queen Pharaoh and is the only female Pharaoh buried in the Valley of the Kings. After Hatshepsut we will visit Habu temple. We will have lunch at a beautiful location in front of Valley of the Kings pyramid mountain. After we’ve arrived back to our hotel, we will depart for Aswan and arrive in the evening for a locally-prepared Nubian dinner.

Day 8: Nubian Cultural Experience | April 25

The day will start with a beautiful yoga and meditation session at our Nubian resort location overlooking the Nile. After a fresh breakfast prepared by local Nubian chefs, we will have a Kemetic Science & Nubian History lecture to get us familiar with the sacred, ancient atmosphere of our surroundings. After the lecture, guests will have free time and a chance to visit the community including the Gharab Soheil market and Nubian villages located around our resort. We will join again for lunch and afterwards will visit Philae temple during sunset (Temple of Auset/Isis). This is the divine feminine temple that the Greeks and Romans would specifically pilgrimage to for healing. We will conclude with a delicious vegan dinner back at our resort.

*It is important for guests to take time and connect with the ancient land and community of Nubia. Many of the traditions have been maintained over the years and the people of the villages still have a connection to Pharonic times. We encourage much reflection and introspection. This can be maximized during free time, village exploration and of course during our lecture with the Nubian village chief.

Day 9 | April 26

Our morning will start with yoga, meditation and ancient Kemetic breathing exercises. After breakfast, guests will have the option to enjoy free time, lounge at the resort or explore a mineral sand or mud bath in the Nubian desert. The sand baths are a natural therapy and are known to cure medical conditions such as rheumatism, joint pain, infertility or impotence. The dry mineral sand is also a great purifier and detox of the kidney, respiratory system and skin. The mud bath is a great full body, detox pulling impurities out of the skin and stimulating blood flow and cell regeneration. The mud is brought all the way from Lake Nasser in southern Nubia and is known to be one of the most healing muds in the world. Afterwards, we will enjoy a refreshing lunch at the hotel. During the sunset, we will visit the sacred Famine stone with a Nubian Village chief on a secluded island in the Nile River. The Famine stone is the biblical stone referenced in the story of Joseph about the 7 years of feast and 7 years of famine that was recorded in ancient Egyptian history. We will have dinner at the resort.

Day 10 | April 27

We will begin with a simple meditation followed by a light, refreshing breakfast. Today we will depart early for the famous Abu Simbel temple in southern Egypt. This is the temple of Ramses and Nefertari. A delicious, organic vegan lunch and dinner will be provided.

Day 11 (Departures) | April 28

The last day of our transformational journey! We will start with one last morning yoga and meditation session. We will enjoy a nourishing vegan breakfast and then will flow into Sacred Circle, sharing our experiences, reflections and awakenings. We will wrap with final Tools for Change and action items and have a closing ceremony of sacred space. We we conclude with a final release ceremony at the Nile River.


Accommodation & Rates

Features: Private Bath, Desert Views, Modern Suite, Queen Size Bed

Features: Private Bath, Desert Views, Modern Suite, Queen Size Bed

Private Room

FROM $2900.00 / Per Person

$500 deposit

Payment plans available*

Shared Room

From $2700.00 / Per person

$500 deposit

Payment plans available*

*Discount for couples, Egyptian nationals and continental Africans.

Egyptian nationals have the option to attend each part separately* Message for pricing and details at



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The first half of your Sacred Soul Awakening will take place at Ardi Sanctuary. Tucked within an expanse of palm tree groves and fields in Dashour lies a secluded and quiet haven aptly named Ardi. An environmentally friendly venture, each feature of Ardi is chosen to be sustainable in terms of the architecture, running costs, and the food prepared on premises. Not a single palm tree was removed to accommodate building the structure, all the plants are chosen based on their minimal need of water, including the lack of grass, and all the food is prepared on-site using traditional methods, made with organic and seasonal produce.

Overlooking the Dashour pyramid complex, this earthy rustic retreat was founded by Shereen Malak, a practitioner and ardent believer in alternative holistic wellness and lover of the arts.

“Ardi is an experience, it gives a person what they need. For some people it’s a place to chill, and for others it’s a place that challenges their perceptions, and helps them reassess their lives,” explains Malak.

We will explore Egypt on the road with an overnight road trip visiting the sacred temple of Abydos and stopping in Luxor along the way.





Tucked away between the banana fields and sugar cane, Embrace hotel is a beautiful new retreat space with towering views of Luxor.






The second half of your Sacred Soul Awakening will take place at Kato Dool in Aswan. Kato Dool is located on the West side of the bank directly on the Nile. It is away from the main city and walking distance to the Gharab Soheil market and Nubian shops.

Kato Dool is a Nubian word that means "the Big House." Kato Dool is your gateway to the best Nubian experience in Aswan. It’s prime location is surrounded by the Nile and bungalow style rooms helps induce a tranquil and sacred atmosphere in the land of Nubia.



  • Round trip flight to and From Egypt. (Airfordable is a great resource for installment purchases)

  • Visas for Entry into Egypt *$25 USD (bring cash)

  • Gratuities & souvenirs

  • Personal items

  • Medical costs: the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas. Travel insurance is highly recommended

  • Additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control.


  • 11 night and 12 day accommodations

  • Airport transfers from Cairo International  to Ardi; from Nubia hotel to Aswan International

  • 3 delicious organic vegan meals per day

  • Daily Kemetic yoga

  • Ancient meditations

  • Great pyramid of Giza Day trip and entry

  • Entry into the pyramid complex and all temples

  • Native* Egyptology lectures

  • In-country transportation, from Cairo to Aswan

  • Temple of Abydos visit and entry

  • Sphinx visit and entry

  • Abu Simbel Day trip and entry

  • Hatshepsut Temple entry

  • Habu Temple entry

  • Luxor Temple entry

  • Sahel Island and Biblical Famine Stone* visit

  • Full moon ceremony in the Sahara desert

  • Visit with Sufi Healers

  • A special goodie bag!


Flights should arrive into Cairo International Airport* on the 18th of April.

Flights can leave from either Aswan International Airport on the 28th of April or Cairo International Airport on the 29th of April.

The retreat begins in Cairo and ends in Aswan, Egypt. Tony & Sarah will be taking the local train from Aswan to Cairo on the 28th to catch flights leaving on the 29th. All are welcome to join the scenic route through the desert.

Arrival Information

We have arranged airport pickup by the hotel upon arrival. Once you arrive at Cairo airport, a driver with a sign that has your name will be there to greet you and take you to the resort at Ardi Sanctuary. 

Return Information

We have arranged for the hotel to take you to either the airport, train or bus station upon your departure.


Ardi Sanctuary in Dahshur

Ardi Sanctuary in Dahshur

Gezira Garden in Luxor

Karnak Temple in Luxor

Tony at Great Pyramids in Cairo

Tony at Great Pyramids in Cairo

Giza plateau

Sarah at Saqqara in Cairo

Abu Simbel Temple complex in Nubia

2018-11-02 08:30:19.628.JPG

Karnak Temple

Abydos temple

Pose of Ampu at Saqqara

Nubian home in Aswan

Kato Dool Resort in Aswan

Kato Dool Resort in Aswan

Sarah at Kato Dool in Aswan

Sarah at Kato Dool in Aswan

Sarah at Kato Dool in Nubia

Kato Dool room in Aswan

View of Gharab Soheil in Aswan

Abu Simbel in Nubia