A Weekend EscapE


October 3-5 2019


Escape from the hustle of city-life and join us in Dahshur for 3 days of detox, relaxation and reconnection with our spiritual nature. Daily Kemetic yoga classes will incorporate a beautiful balance of exercise, stretching and breath work curated to bring healing and calm to the body. During meditation sessions we will utilize ancient Kemetic harmonics and breathing rhythms to help release tension and tone the organs for internal renewal.

In addition to the physical practice of Kemetic yoga, we will have a Kemetic Mind + Body Workshop. The workshop will go in depth about Kemetic philosophy and will provide you with tools and practices that will be helpful when you return to your daily life.

Fresh, organic vegan cuisine will be provided to nourish the body and allow your digestive system a chance to rest and reset. Fresh juices and smoothies in the morning, raw vegetables and salads during lunch and carefully prepared, deliciously spiced cuisine will be offered during dinner.

This is an experience to reset and realign with your highest self. Join us in sacred space as we open ourselves for mental, physical and spiritual renewal.

The ancient Egyptians, known for their monumental pyramids, advanced system of mathematics, sacred art and historic culture, also have an ancient yogic practice that we can explore and experience thousands of years later. This yogic system is Smai Tawi, commonly known as Kemetic Yoga. Kemetic Yoga is a healing and regenerative yoga system based on the principles, philosophy and science of ancient Egypt. This style of yoga is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures, a rule of four breath and tongue connection. The pyramidal energy and sacred geometry in the Kemetic yoga postures aligns the spinal column, helps to correct defects in the skeletal muscular system, improves blood circulation and increases the flow of nutrient and oxygen supply to vital body systems. By cultivating nature’s application of geometry and physics into yogic forms, we allow ourselves the chance to tap in to our truest nature, access higher consciousness and awaken divine spiritual wisdom within. 

“During this retreat, I challenge you to use this time as 72 hours to disconnect from the outside world, focus, tap in and fine-tune the life of health, balance and abundance that you deserve. Starting small by using your yoga mat as your little manifestation rectangle, surprise yourself with how you remain strong on the mat, inspire yourself with your commitment to a vegan diet, and listen to yourself as we explore our subconscious and the inner depths of our soul.”


The journey awaits. 





International Kemetic Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sarah Wesley is co-founder of the Kemetic yoga, retreat and wellness collective, Return to Kemet and is certified as a Kemetic Yoga Instructor. She has taught Kemetic yoga internationally for retreats, resorts, private lessons and youth facilities. Upon completing her 200hr Kemetic yoga training in Luxor, Egypt, Sarah traveled south to Nubia and experienced an ancestral calling to stay and live on the land. Sarah decided to live in Egypt and travel throughout Africa, studying and learning ancient African traditions, philosophies and spirituality. Sarah was inspired to share the knowledge of ancient Africa for the purpose of empowering, educating and ultimately connecting communities and cultures through information, self-practice and awareness. Her yoga classes incorporate ancient Egyptian philosophies, alchemy, natural African oils and stones and African sound vibration techniques. Sarah currently lives between Los Angeles, California and Cairo, Egypt.



Day One | October 3

arrivals 4-5PM


welcome ceremony & activity in the evening

evening meditation

Day Two | October 4

morning yoga


Kemetic Mind + Body Workshop


reflection time: silent meditation & journaling


evening meditation

Day Three | October 5

morning yoga + meditation


sharing circle: closing sacred space & closing activity


departures 4PM

Accommodation & Rates

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“Ardi is an experience, it gives a person what they need. For some people it’s a place to chill, and for others it’s a place that challenges their perceptions and helps them reassess their lives.” - Shereen Malak, Owner

Tucked within an expanse of palm tree groves and fields in Dahshur lies a secluded and quiet haven aptly named Ardi. An environmentally friendly venture, each feature of Ardi is chosen to be sustainable in terms of the architecture, running costs, and the food prepared on premises. Not a single palm tree was removed to accommodate building the structure, all the plants are chosen based on their minimal need of water, including the lack of grass, and all the food is prepared on-site using traditional methods, made with organic and seasonal produce.

Overlooking the Dahshur pyramid complex, this earthy rustic retreat was founded by Shereen Malak, a practitioner and ardent believer in alternative holistic wellness and lover of the arts.



Triple Room

3500 LE/ Per person

*900 LE deposit secures booking

Double Room

4000 LE/ Per person

*900 LE deposit secures booking

Single Room

6000 LE/ Per person

*900 LE deposit secures booking

Transportation: Uber or taxi. Directions and exact location will be provided upon Registration. Transportation is not included in retreat price.

Retreat price includes: accommodation, 3 vegan meals per day, drinks and snacks, workshop, daily yoga & guided meditations and gift bag. This retreat price is for locals only. For non-locals who are interested, please email me separately at

To book your spot, please complete the registration from at the link below and make the 900 LE deposit. Final balance is due 30 days prior to retreat.

Deadline to register: September 15, 2019

Any questions? Please email Sarah at