Making yoga accessible to Africa & the diaspora


Project RTK is a non-profit initiative making Kemetic yoga and meditation available to children in Africa and the diaspora. Kemetic yoga is a practice native to Africa and has transformational benefits on the mind, body and soul. Yoga has a profound effect on the development of children. It helps to develop body awareness, manage stress through breathing and healthy movement and helps to increase confidence and a positive self-image. 

Through two-week immersive camp-style programs incorporating daily yoga, meditation and mindful activities for children, our goal is to inspire grassroots social change and self-empowerment. We provide trainings and tools for teachers and children to continue the practice and incorporate the various yoga and breathing techniques into their daily lives. We also provide supplies to help kickstart yoga programs in under-resourced areas.  Through this work, we aim to encourage global mass consciousness, self-awareness and mindful practices.