Private Sessions

Kemetic Yoga:

  • Private Kemetic Yoga sessions are available in Los Angeles by international Kemetic yoga teachers, Sarah Wesley and Devan Mayfield.

    $80 USD

    90 minutes

  • Private Kemetic Yoga sessions in Bahia, Brazil by international Kemetic yoga teacher Tony Khepera-Heru.

    $25 USD

    90 minutes

Local or Remote

Virtual classes and programs available here.

OTHER Sessions include:

Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space (w/ Tony KH)

-How to create Sacred Space

-Setting up an ancestral or nature altar

-Preparing to commune with Spirit

-Opening Sacred Invocation

45 minutes - 1 hour session

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Releasing and the Art of Forgiveness

Releasing and the Art of Forgiveness (w/ Tony KH)

-This session will address issues around depression, grief, anger, continual sadness or general concerns about health and well-being.

45 - 75 minute session

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Holding Transformational Space

Holding Transformational Space (w/ Tony KH)

-When we hold space for transformation, we foster in others the ability to tap into a new or higher way of being, one that is born of their desire to know and grow into more of who they are, in essence.Allowing the answers to come through you, not to you

-This session is about providing a safe, sacred space for one’s own intuitive wisdom to come forth to allow for one’s own personal healing

-In Holding Space, a spiritual container will be created to foster self-discovery and to experience a new or higher way of being with an awakened mind..

60-90 minute session

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Available upon request

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