Kemetic Rebirth and AfriCan-Shamanic Mysteries Retreat


Bahia, BRazil  

November 16-24, 2019

Arrive:  November 15

Depart: November 24


Imagine being able to heal your genealogical negative beliefs and emotions, inherited through your DNA and Ancestral line? All this can be achieved by returning to your time within your Mother’s Womb. Join us to Brazil as we heal our genealogical blocks that are holding us back from having and experiencing the life that you deserve to live.

This is a journey through the womb that conceived, gestated and birthed you to re-activate your original genetic blueprint – healing negative imprints and rebirthing in Love…designed for both male and females. This powerfully transformative retreat takes you back into the cauldron of your conception and your gestation in your mother’s Womb – to heal any negative epigenetic imprints you received during this time, and to rebirth into love and radiance. Based on the groundbreaking book, Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life, by Azra Bertrand, MD and Seren Bertrand.

Scientific research reveals startling evidence that many of our behavioral patterns, health issues and psychological fragmentation is imprinted during our time in the Womb – literally written into our genetics and neural pathways. The Fountain Of Life’s Dr Azra Bertrand was involved in the  primary scientific research efforts on mother-baby bonding at the National Institute of Health in the Child Health and Human Development Division in the late 1990’s.

The good news is, that no matter what negative imprints we have inherited from our parents, by revisiting this time in the Womb and releasing these imprints, we can rewire our DNA and psyche for a life of love and vitality.

All shamanic traditions speak of this great rebirth – of returning to the Womb to be born again. During this retreat, not only will you heal Genealogical, Ancestral and personal wounding from your conception, gestation and birth – you will also enter the Shamanic world of the Great Womb to claim the gifts of love and wisdom that are waiting to be remembered and embodied, as well as communing with the Web of Life.

Now is the time to reclaim our legacy of love by healing our ancestral trauma. Due to at least 5,000 years of patriarchy, and 40,000 years of attack against the Feminine Wisdom, both men and women have been (epi)genetically modified to disconnect from our original blueprint lived in Love by our Ancient Mothers & Fathers.

These genetic memories of both Love and pain live on inside us – waiting for us to choose the path we wish to live by and how we wish the world to be.


When we have the courage to choose our genetic inheritance of Love, and dissolve all that is not love, we become Mothers and Fathers of a New Earth.  Within our genetic treasure chest, lives vast spiritual and biological potentials that remain dormant – but we have the power to reawaken and reclaim these incredible potentials and become Chalices of Living Light.
Revisiting the cauldron of your mother’s Womb, where our receptive capacity was formed, is a huge key to this genetic awakening and healing.

During this transformative process you will experience ceremonies and practices that are designed to take you deep into the subconscious, DNA and cerebellum, where the memories and traumas of your conception and birth still live on, unconsciously shaping your life.

Invest in your personal well-being.

The journey awaits.



PART 1: Cultural Experience

Nov 15:  Arrival, cultural dinner & show

Nov 16:  Afro-Brazilian Cultural Tours. Taking in the beauty and magic of Bahia. Evening show @ Balé Folclórico da Bahia

Nov 17:  Explore Baía de Todos os Santos aboard a schooner on this 8-hour excursion from Salvador


PART 2: Sacred Space

Nov 18: Travel to Retreat Site Lagoa de Pedra, Imbassai Bahia Brazil:

@noon Opening Ceremony, Re-conception Ceremony & Sweat Lodge

Nov 19: Earth Element, Genealogical Healing, Dream Catchers

Nov 20: Fire Element & Sacred Masculine

Nov 21: Air Element & Genealogical Healing

Nov 22: Water Element, Sacred Feminine & Mother Ayahuasca Ceremony

Nov 23: Re-birth & Sweat Lodge

Nov 24: Integration & Closing Ceremony


Daily Program

  • Kemetic Yoga

  • Guided Shamanic Journeys

  • Vision Quests

  • Healing the sacred relationship of masculine and feminine

  • Negative Emotional and Belief Therapy 

  • Shamanic crafting weaving a new vision of your life – make your own dream catchers

What’s Not Included

-Round trip flight to and From Salvador Bahia Brazil. (Airfordable is a great resource for installment purchases)

-Visas for Entry into Brazil (No longer required for US Citizens)

—Transfers from Airport to Salvador other than Designated time

- Transfers from Airport to Retreat Site for those only attending Retreat Portion (Excluding Cultural Experience)

-Lunch and Dinner during Cultural experience portion of  retreat (Nov 15-17) unless otherwise specified

-Gratuities & souvenirs

-Personal items

-Medical costs: the costs of hospitalization and evacuation from remote areas. Travel insurance is required

- Additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control.*

What to bring during this journey:

  • Photograph of you as a baby, your parents & grandparents

  • Journal 

  • Jade Egg (woman only) – ideally a medium size Nephrite Jade Egg

  • Material to create your Placenta & Umbilical Cord: upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a video on how to make your placenta pouch.

What’s IncludeD

~9 nights and 10 days accommodations* *

- One Airport Transfer at designated time will be Provided from Airport to Salvador and from Guest has back to Airport on Day of Departure

Transfers from Salvador Bahia to Retreat site at Lagoa da Pedra, Imbassai Bahia

-3 delicious organic vegan meals per day during our Sacred Space( Lagoa da Pedra, Imbassai Bahia)

-Breakfast every morning during our Cultural Experience (Nov 16-18th)

-Cultural Experience Tours

-Cultural Dinner and Show

-Bahia Bay Cruise

-Entry into Balé Folclórico da Bahia

-Conscious Re-Conception Ceremony

-Shamanic journeys of your Gestation

-Energy Healing : to heal the imprints of your ancestral lineage & reactivate your genetic blueprint

-Shamanic breath work instructions

-Ceremony of Rebirth: Born into Love

-Shamanic Crafting to support your healing journey

-2 Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

-Sacred Teacher Medicine Ceremony with Auyahuasca

-Kemetic Womb/Hara Yoga

Bonus Gifts:

  • Genealogical Negative Emotional Healing 

  • Genealogical Negative Belief Healing

***Note:  Return to Kemet Reserves the Right to make changes to Itinerary and accommodation at any time for any reason without advanced notice. Please check website regularly for updates.

Accommodation & Rates

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 3.08.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 3.23.34 PM.png



Barra Salvador Bahia

Cultural Experience: Nov 15-17


Lagoa da Pedra, Imbassai Bahia

Sacred Space: Nov 17-24


Early Registration Deadline:  July 31st

Final Registration Deadline:  Oct 15th

Final Payment Deadline:  Nov 1st




Single rooms come with a full bed, private bath, garden/city views, organic vegan meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner included).

Single Room

$3000 / per person

$500 deposit
$2850 one time payment or 6 payments of $417


Single Room (Retreat only)

$2700 / per person

$500 deposit
$2565 one time payment or 6 payments of $367



Double rooms come with two full beds, private bath, garden/city views, organic vegan meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner included).

Double Room

$2800 / per person

$500 deposit
$2660 one time payment or 6 payments of $363


Double Room (Retreat only)

$2500/ per person

$500 deposit
$2375 one time payment or 6 payments of $333



Rooms are double occupancy with two full beds, private bath, garden/city views, organic vegan meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner included).

Brazilian Residents | Double Occupancy

$1845 / per person

*Does not include Culture Experience. Retreat portion only.

Bahia Residents | Double Occupancy

$1600 / per person

*Does not include Culture Experience. Retreat portion only.



OPTION 1: 5% discount for one time payment.



Deposit $500.00

First payment - Due 30 days after deposit

Second payment - September 1

Third payment - September 15

Fourth payment - October 1

Fifth payment - October 15

Sixth payment - October 30

Work/Study Scholarship Available

Only 1 space available for Bahia resident*

Contact us directly at

About Your hostS



Urusla brings her unique gift, talents and her vast experience of Shamanic, Holistic, Energy, Coaching work and her ability to hold that container. Resulting in powerful transformation and empowering results.

In my late twenties I suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), minor stroke ~ being paralyzed and unable to speak. Or when I did attempt to do so, it was all in my mind. Then later I spoke with a slur, after a year of speech and physiotherapy I was able to walk and talk. 

I was determined not to live a life on conventional western medicine. I would occasionally suffer minor seizures until my initiation as a Shaman, where these seizures strangely disappeared. I have not looked back since I began this transformational spiritual journey over twenty years ago.  Unbelievable as this may seem. I am healthy and strong. I take my yoga, personal empowerment & spiritual practice seriously. These are non-negotiable for me. I pursue my dreams and goals with vigor. My passion is assisting others, like you, overcome the obstacles and challenges holding you back, bring you down whether this be at work, personal relationships, illness or a loss.  I believe I have experiences these aspects in order to have the experiences to help others overcome. My soul goal is to help YOU thrive not survive! "I vow to anchor the true Divine Feminine on Earth. And return sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine."

I am a initiated Shaman, a certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher, certified Master’s Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Negative Emotional Therapist™, Negative Belief Therapist™, a Womb Shaman, an independent Usui Reiki Masters, an internationally certified Karuna © Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki Master. I also hold two degrees, in Business Administration and Social Entrepreneurship.

Ankh Udja Seneb

Mitakuye Oyasin  - We are One

Ursula Macheke van Graan



A practitioner of Sacred African Traditions and Ancestral Healing Tony KH now lives in Salvador Bahia Brazil, the Afro-Brazilian Capital. 

My First conscious re-awakening occurred during my initial visit to Salvador Bahia Brazil  in 1994. It was that ah ha moment started me down this path. Since that time I have been on this journey of self-discovery and connection to the African diaspora. Through a series of life changes I decided leave the rat race and pursue a more Holistic Lifestyle and further my spiritual practices; it was at the point “Spirit” guided me to move to Bahia. After a serious back injury, I was called to pursue  a African based Yoga Practice to assist with my healing.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear and Ursula Van Graan showed up to guide me down that path.. 

Under her guidance and instruction I completed my 200 hr Kemetic Yoga Certification in Luxor, Egypt in 2017. I continued to train under “Mama Urs” and have now completed my first year of initiation into the Shamanic Mysteries of Africa and Sacred Healing Training.  I am also a Level 1 Graduate of ISTA’s Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Training and a recent facilitator graduate in Holding Space for Transformation from the Center for Transformational Life Coaching and Living.

I look forward to having you join us on this Journey.

-Ankh Udja Seneb “We strive for life, Good Health & Prosperity”


What people are saying:

"The Total Shamanic rebirth is not for the faint hearted . It is work! Hard , intense , deep cleaning soul work. what an honour and blessing to be supported by a generous and supportive healer like Gogo Ursula . She nurtured and cared for each and everyone of us for 30 days , assuring us that we had what it take to release and transmute generational pain. And when it all got too much , she switch on the music and remind us to dance! I was always in awe of her resilience and grace as she held the space for us to navigate through some murky waters . I have never felt lighter in my life and highly recommend this journey for anyone tired of being tired and willing to do the work. Gogo Ursula is truly a gem & a precious lightworker who is patience and kind but will kick your behind to help you get out of your own way." ~ MM, Johannesburg, South Africa.

‘This journey is an opportunity to explore and meet yourself deeply.  It’s a must for all who seek healing from past traumas and overcoming challenges to realizing your greater self.  I recommend follow up sessions in life coaching  or integration after the journey are considered to assist with shifting behavior patterns that keep us stuck and embedding new positive ways of living your best life.’ ~ F Baptist, South Africa.

“The (journey) is not for the faint hearted.  It is work! Hard, intense, deep cleaning soul work.  What an honor and blessings to be supported by a generous and supportive healer like Gogo Ursula. She nurtured and cared fro each and everyone of us for 30 days, assuring us that we had what it take(s) to release and transmute generational pain.  And when it all got too much, she switch(ed) on the music and remind(ed) us to dance! I was always in awe of her resilience and grace as she held the space for us navigate through some murky waters.  I have never felt lighter in my life and highly recommend this journey for anyone tired of being tired and will do to do the work.  Gogo Ursula is truly a gem & precious lightworker who is patience and kind but will kick your behind to help you get out of your own way. Thokoza” ~ M Mbangeni, South Africa.

‘If you are serious about releasing generational pain and intent on healing yourself, this intenstive (journey) of personal discovery through gestational shamanic journeying, will help you confront yourself in a most intimate way.  You owe this to yourself, your Ancestors and children to release any ties that no longer serve you.” ~ N Shabangu, South Africa.

“This journey takes you through an extensive, deeply moving inward contemplation making use of the four elements of air, water, fire and earth to anchor your experiences and realizations.  Allowing you to really explore who you are and to shift limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.  By facilitating a reconnection to your own feminine nature, vulnerability and power this process has assisted me in clearing so much emotional baggage around intimacy, connection, love and feelings of self-worth.  You are nurtured through the various stages whilst working with a diverse group (of woman) all moving together towards a shared sisterhood” ~ J Nijenhuis, South Africa.

The journey awaits.

Register today.