Ancient African Oils & Essences for Chakra Balancing and Skin Rejuvenation

Ancient African civilizations have used oils and herbal essences for thousands of years before conventional medicine was invented. An interconnected relationship with nature and the environment allowed healers and herbalists the insight to combine botanical ingredients and thus make strides in herbal medicines and healing. The mind and spirit were as much a part of the herbal remedy as were the herbs and oils.

Practitioners of traditional African medicine are different from doctors who practice conventional medicine. It is not uncommon for medicine-(wo)men to become initiated into a tribal society or group before beginning the training required to become a healer. Many of them were priestesses, high priests, diviners, midwives, herbalists or known by different names such as sangoma, n’anga, and inyanga. Becoming a medicinal healer was a highly respected position in African tradition and was considered a true gift from the divine. Many of the herbal remedies used today were first used and perfected in Africa by medicine men and women. Among the oldest and most extensive documentation of ancient herbal knowledge was recorded in the Ebers Papyrus - an Egyptian medical collection of herbal information dating back to 1550 BC. There are over 700 recipes, remedies and incantations for a multitude of aliments.

Many of the herbs, oils and essences used during ancient times are available for our own medical use today and can often replace over-the-counter treatments or store bought items. Below are a few of African and specifically, Egyptian oils, essences and herbs that are beneficial for healing, skin rejuvenation and chakra balancing.


Sandalwood is a powerful oil for activating the third-eye chakra and enhancing intuitive abilities. Sandalwood is also helpful in calming the mind and inducing a meditative state. Just a dab between the eyebrows prior to meditation allows a beautiful transition into that place between sleeping and being awake. It is excellent for healing, particularly emotional/spiritual wounds.  This oil is also beneficial under the eyes and promotes skin-tightening. The ancient Egyptian queens used this oil on their skin for rejuvenation and capturing moisture.

Rose Oil & Rose Essence

Rose oil is beneficial for the heart chakra and connecting with feminine energy. The Goddess Auset (Isis) was the embodiment the divine feminine - the connection between nature and magic. The heart chakra relates to Auset of the Paut Neter* (Egyptian faculties of Gods & Goddesses). It is important to remember that when working with this chakra, remaining open and allowing the heart energy to flow freely throughout the body should be kept in mind. Soft soothing music tuned to the 528 ‘love’ frequency and rose quartz crystals are also helpful in maximizing the effect of this oil. A little can be rubbed in the center of the chest or a small dab under the nose. This oil is also a great overnight oil for the skin. After washing the face with an herbal soap, rose oil can be used to moisture the skin.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense was a highly coveted oil in Egypt as it did not grow naturally in the Egyptian climate. It has been said that the Pharonic Queen Hatshepsut would import frankincense from eastern Ethiopia and southern Africa for her bathing and ritual purposes. Frankincense is great for clearing energy both in the home and in the spirit. Frankincense stones can be burned to cleanse the home while the oil can be placed to moisturize the body. It is also an antimicrobial astringent and prevents premature aging and acne. This is a great oil to have readily available in the home.

Lotus Oil

Lotus Oil was a sacred oil during the ancient Egyptian times. It was believed to help activate and cleanse the pineal gland and open the crown chakra. The pineal gland is known to be the access point of receiving information from the divine and traveling beyond the physical realm as its field of view is a ninety-degree angle pointed upwards towards the ‘heavens’. Surreal spiritual experience, ancestral downloads and cosmic revelations are linked to this small endrocine gland between the hemispheres of the epithalamus near the central brain. A small drop of this oil on the forehead between the eyes is useful prior to meditation. The lotus flower helps prepare the crown chakra for awakening and spiritual growth. Lotus is rich in linoleic acid, iron, Vitamin C and B vitamins and thus beneficial for fighting free radicals, premature aging and overall skin health. Lotus oil is a sedative and helps with sleep and lucid dreaming. It also stimulates the sex drive. Lotus oil can also be used as a bath oil and it best used at sunset into the evening.

Lemon Oil

Lemon essential oil is beneficial for the solar plexus chakra and harnessing creative energy. This is a great oil for manifestation meditations and when there is a blockage of creative life force. This oil is uplifting, energizing, perfect for morning ritual and concentration. A small dab underneath the nose and on the wrists is all that is needed. Lemon oil is also a powerful stress reliever promoting the removal of mental exhaustion and fatigue.

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