Origins of African Yoga & the Kemetic Sciences

Some say Egypt is the center of the earth’s consciousness grid. Others attribute its special energy to it’s cosmic alignment. It has been over 2,000 years since the last Pharaoh of Egypt reigned but its sacred knowledge exists in code throughout the temples, hieroglyphics and in the spirit of the ancient land. There’s been an increasing interest in the significance of ancient civilizations and many excavations are happening across the country. Nefertiti’s tomb was newly discovered in the summer of 2017 and new temples are being prepared for tourist visits daily. An allure of Egypt’s mysticism and information has existed for centuries and with new developments and research about one of the greatest civilizations in human history, it is an exciting time for Egypt. One of the modern revivals happening is Kemetic yoga.

Kemetic yoga is a style of yoga unique to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Before it was called Egypt, a land known as Kemet extended into the horn of Africa including present-day Egypt. Smai Tawi is the ancient name of Kemetic yoga and translates to the union of two lands. The name explains the higher and lower nature within the human body and soul. It also represents the union of both lower and upper Egypt and the necessity of harmony between both lands. Lower Egypt was significant for education and information while upper Egypt was the foundation of Kemet, providing the farming lands and resources. The union between both indicates an understanding about the duality of man and the importance between balancing both faculties in the human being. The power of Egyptian science & yoga lies not only in its ability to heal on the physical plane but also to inspire a greater understanding of ourselves.

We are in a time of spiritual revolution. Cultures, both ancient and contemporary, are exploring each others homelands, traditions and ways of life. While we are witnessing global advancements in interconnection, our planet faces growing environmental, societal, health and social concerns. This marks an opportune time to shift the bearers of power and become the change we wish to see in our world. One of the ways in which we can harness the power of ourselves and our communities, is to go within.

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