What is Kemetic Yoga?

Return to Kemet Co-founder, Sarah Wes practices the pose of MAAT at Saqqara in Egypt

Return to Kemet Co-founder, Sarah Wes practices the pose of MAAT at Saqqara in Egypt

What is Kemetic Yoga™ ? 

Kemetic Yoga was re-discovered in the 1970s by Master Yirser Ra Hotep. Kemetic Yoga is ancient style of African Yoga.  It was practiced by the ancient Kamites for physical, mental and spiritual development.  Kemetic yoga acknowledges the Ancient/Kemetic/Kushite origins of yoga and seeks to make a link between Ancient Egypt, the Indus/Kush civilization prior to the Aryan invasion and traditional African traditions of knowledge and spirituality such as the Yoruba.

To truly understand Kemetic Yoga one must understand Kemetic Philosophy which is rooted in Ancient Kemetic cosmology.  Most people who study Ancient Egypt or those involved in the Kemetic Faith or Spirituality, actually do not know the cosmologies. The cosmologies are probably the most important aspect of understanding Ancient Egypt/Kemet and thus understanding Kemetic Yoga.

The philosophy and spiritual principles revolve around the Neteru – divine forces of nature, the Kemetic Tree of Life and associated myths and legends of Ausar, Auset and Heru (the original immaculate conception) .  Further we study the 7 Law of Tehutis, 42 Principles of Maat (from which the former Kemetic Priest, Moses, begat the 10 Commandments);  Eleven laws of Neter & Ten sets of Truisms.  Kemetic Yoga emerges from this cosmological foundation. 

Return to Kemet Co-Founder Tony Khepera-Heru practices with our retreat guest, Elena, during the April 2019 Sacred Soul Awakening Kemetic Yoga Retreat in Egypt

Return to Kemet Co-Founder Tony Khepera-Heru practices with our retreat guest, Elena, during the April 2019 Sacred Soul Awakening Kemetic Yoga Retreat in Egypt

“In the beginning there was the word, and the word began in Nu, the Womb, the first

primordial waters”– Queen Afua Sacred Woman


Foundations  Kemetic Yoga™:

Rule of Four Breathing, Geometric Progression and Tongue Connection are the foundations of the Yoga Skill Method and Kemetic Yoga.

Rule of Four Breathing:  We Inhale; Hold the Breath, Exhale; Hold the Breath.   

Why?   Because it is in complete alignment with the way that energy moves in the body.   The power in the practice of Yoga is rooted in the movement of energy, Ra life-force, Ankh, Shu, etc., through the energy channels of the body.  Every other aspect of the practice is subordinate to the movement and circulation of energy.  The “stretching” of muscles has benefits in terms of stimulating blood circulation, moving lymph, strengthening muscles and joints, but does not provide enough impetus to move life force.  When we combine the proper breath sequence along with the movement (so-called stretch or release) we cause the energy to move through the channels as well as to cause the body to release and move into the posture much more efficiently.

Tongue Connection:  Is the secret science of Moving energy through the body. Placement of the tongue at one of the three energy points that run across the roof of the mouth while practicing Yoga movements, during breathing exercises and meditation helps to insure a much more powerful experience from your practice.  During Kemetic Yoga we keep the tongue connected at all times when possible.  Right behind the front  teeth is the wind point.  It connects to the hollow spaces/pockets within the body where air accumulates from the joints, to organs such as throat and colon.  In yoga this point is associated with the vatta Principle.  

Kemetic yoga ‘wheel pose’ on the temples walls

Kemetic yoga ‘wheel pose’ on the temples walls

Next is the Fire point which sits in the middle of the ridge.  It’s connection and association is and with the heart 

The last point is the water point or main thrusting route.  It’s association is to the kidneys and sexual organs.  It is the most powerful of the 3 and sits right between the soft and hard palates.

(Tongue  Connection:  The Secret Science of Moving Energy Through the Body; Yiser Ra Hotep & Wayne B. Chandler August 2012)

Geometric Progression:   We practice Geometric Progression in alignment with breath control in order to be in harmony with the natural way the body/mind/spirit complex of our BEING is constructed.  Our ancestors created geometrically perfect structures and portrayed themselves in the MDW NTR in perfect geometric alignment. All of these poses are pictured on the walls of temples and in the hieroglyphics.  Energy flows best when the geometry of shape and form is precise. 

The reason why the pyramid is understood to be an energy dynamo able to heal, shift consciousness and more is because of the precision of the shape. One degree of variation would alter and limit the power of the  pyramid.  Our bodies are pyramids. Our Kemetic Yoga Postures are based upon pyramidal energy.  The pyramids are aligned with the cosmos. When we align ourselves in  geometric precision, we are also aligning ourselves with the cosmos, our  Creator (Neter), our Gods, our Goddesses (Neteru) and our ancestral  helping Spirits/guides (Ancestors) (Shepsu).  All things in creation operate on the principle of Sacred Geometry.   The alignment of Breath, Mind, Body and Movement is simply to be authentically and originally Kemetic. 

Alpha State

Another unique feature of Kemetic Yoga™ is that by placing so much emphasis on the  breath and movement, your autonomic nervous system is activated which places your  mind and body in a flow state. In this state your brain emits more alpha waves. Alpha  waves as opposed to Beta waves, are associated with deep states of relaxation,  concentration and mental balance.

 The Sun Disk over the top of Shu’s head (and other Kemetic/Egyptian Gods or Goddess),and the symbol of the cobra (Wadjet/Adjo) over the forehead on the headdress of Pharaoh Tutankhamen are symbolic of the achievement of this state of mind. This state of mind is superior to our normal state of mind because we can be more productive in our work and not affected by the stressful agitations of daily life.

Other forms of yoga places emphasis on the attainment of transcendent states of mind only, while doing mediation. Kemetic Yoga™ allows you to attain this state while developing your body by performing the movements.  

What Makes Kemetic Yoga™  Superior. 

Kemetic Yoga™ is considered superior because it provides one competence in all of the benefits that one should derive from Yoga in a more powerful manner. People who are not very athletic, flexible or are overweight or elderly will find this system easier. This is because the emphasis is on a flowing and ease of movement rather than how far one  can go into a position.    This form of movement is in tune with the body’s natural anatomy and systematically works through each joint and muscle group in an order and manner that develops alignment, correct body defects and energizes the organs.  

While the Kemetic Yoga™ postures are unique in themselves, the style of yoga can be applied to all yoga positions whether they be Indian or ancient Egyptian (African). This  system is slower and more methodical than other traditional methods of yoga. By  slowing everything down we place more emphasis on developing the Yoga Skills Method of patience and concentration. The respiratory system receives a more profound development because one is challenged to really use the breath in order to flow through the forms (postures).


The key principles of Kemetic Yoga™ that makes it unique are:

·       Ancient Kmt (Egyptian) yoga postures that are not known in India; i.e. Pose of Anpu, Goddess pose, Pose of Ausar

·       The method of performing these postures that place major emphasis on body alignment and geometrical progression and mimic the geometric configuration of the pyramids

·       Emphasis on breath control that stimulates the automatic nervous system in such a way as to induce the Alpha flow state which we may maintain in our daily lives, to reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity.

·       Emphasis  on the rejuvenation of the entire body, not just physical development of the outer muscles and flexibility

·       Tongue Connection to move energy through specific areas of the body

·       The symbols of ancient Kmt/Egypt represent Yogic concepts


Neter Ausar (Divine Self)

“Your nature is an unconquerable peace, therefore nothing or no one in the world can be against you. All experiences come to you to promote your reclamation of peace, that you may in turn, acquire Wisdom and Power.” – 11 laws of God MN Vol 3.

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